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Hypnosis & NLP for Changework

If you seek to change unwanted behaviours in yourself, gain confidence and motivation, lose your fears and achieve your physical and mental potential then our use of Hypnosis will swiftly bring this about.

Our use of Hypnosis, in this context, is as an approach to access and facilitate human potential, your potential. We believe we understand the inevitability & importance of the Mind/Body link, as practiced in our META-Medicine diagnostic tool. We further believe that many of the issues you are facing can be changed in a natural, quick and non-invasive way, using Hypnosis mixed with other cognitive & behavioural approaches.

We are experienced in bringing about this change in a rapid and elegant way and making those changes at a subconscious level. Working together we can bring about change to:

• Banish unnecessary fears, anxiety & panic
• Get rid of unwanted habits or behaviours
• Diminish negative feelings about the past
• Improve your business or personal performances
• Take charge of unwanted emotions
• Gain the body you desire, easier.
• Relief from Depression

Our methods are ‘Solution focussed’ rather than long analysis sessions or digging over the past. We quickly establish what you want and use hypnosis to help you get it. We focus on problem-solving for your future peace of mind, rather than counselling, analysis or exploration. The therapy will always have a well defined goal. Hypnotherapy is used in conjunction with other cognitive, and behavioural approaches, which just means looking at how you think, and what you deal with your issue.

Most single issues are dealt with in two or three sessions, and where a longer treatment is required, sessions rarely number more than 4 to 8. This is usually in cases where someone seeks ongoing personal development, has multiple issues they wish to deal with or depression. It is always made clear in the first session how long he expects treatment to take.

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