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My clients seem to like to know what their investment is to work with me from the onset! The two most asked questions are:

How long will your Hypnotic Change Work take? We are all different and our issues are just as diverse. It is difficult to tell what needs to be done without better knowing what those issues are before deciding the best way to tackle it. I like to work a systematic approach lasting around 3-5 sessions, scheduled about a week apart. How I wish that we could resolve deep rooted and long held issues in a single session, however, let’s put this into context:

• How long have you had this symptom?
• What else have you done about it?
• Am I your last resort?

Rest assured, I will always stay flexible and respond to what comes up, my declared aim is to make the changes you desire as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

How much is your session fee?
I have always offered your first meeting ‘free of charge’ or obligation so I can decide if we can work together over a longer term.

Because I know that as soon as YOU decide to come and see me, your resolution has already begun and the act of telling me is a big part of your resolution. If you have read my FREE report: ‘The Truth About Hypnosis That Other Hypnotists May Not Tell You (or might not even know!)’, you will understand that I really do feel my time, experience and change work is worthy of a fee.

So, here is my solution to these issues:

Initial Consultation
I will be delighted to talk with you at my practice, on Skype or Telephone about your issues with:
No Charge or Obligation.

Single Issue Package
Where a solution requires a number of visits (typically 3...) for issues such as smoking, weight management, fears, phobias, panic attacks, confidence, stress etc.
£195(single payment)

Hypnotic Gastric Band
A complete programme of 6 sessions including notes & re-enforcement CD
£495(single payment)

My fee thereafter for single sessions is £75 per session.

This is what has been the most successful with my past clients and if it’s outside your expectations then you might like to speculate just how committed you really are in resolving your issue ... at this time.

Call me now on 01384 468 004 for a brochure and more info, or email me to discuss your problem.

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