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Stop smoking easily in Stourbridge with Hypnosis, Psychology, Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy

Quit the fags, butt out your tobacco habit, rip off the nicotine patches, stop taking the Zyban and become a non-smoker today!

Hello ... my name's Michael Skirving and I specialise in helping people stop smoking cigarettes forever at my practice, Hypnosis with Results, in Brettell Lane, Stourbridge.

They quit smoking through the power of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotism.

You see, for many people the thought of not smoking, if they consider themselves to 'be a smoker', is so alien that they just can't ever imagine themselves as being non-smokers!

In fact, it would be truthful to say that most people who smoke cigarettes consider themselves to be addicted to smoking, which in turn more or less sabotages their chances of ever quiting because they're an addict!

However, here's the good news ...

Smoking cigarettes is just a habit and that's all it ever was, is, or could ever be!

Let me explain

To be addicted you have to want more of what you're addicted to ... does that make sense? Yet for most people who smoke (I'd go as far to say ... everyone who smokes) they reach a 'happy number of cigarettes' they can put up with in a day ... for example, some people will smoke 5 to 10 a day, whilst others will manage on 20 a day! The occasional few will smoke 40 to 60 a day ... however, when was the last time you met anyone who's smoked 200 a day? The answer ... NEVER!


Because, if you smoke, your body will regulate the amount of poison it can handle in any one day ... it manages how many cigarettes you smoke based on your 'comfort factor'.

At times of stress or times of extreme enjoyment you'll often find, if you're a smoker, that your daily intake will rise ... however, the next day will find you feeling more tired, worn out and ... short of breath!

You see, an addict would have to smoke more and more to gain any enjoyment from smoking ... that's the definition of addiction ... also, when was the last time you heard of anyone overdosing on cigarettes? The answer ... NEVER!

So with that 'good news' you can now realise that smoking was just a habit, which can be changed very easily with the power of hypnosis.

In fact, it's so easy to quit using hypnosis ... most people stop and never want another cigarette again after just one session!

And hypnosis is the safest way to quit by the way!

There are no drugs (such as Zyban), no patches (with nicotine poison) no withdrawal symptoms, no cravings, no NHS group sessions or counselling and no reason to ever want to put another burning cigarette in your mouth again when you attend one of my Stop Smoking Now ... The Easy Way! sessions where you'll experience fast, effective results in just one hour.

Because hypnosis is totally natural you'll benefit immediately from your session by becoming more calm and relaxed about the things and people who used to upset you.

You'll gain an enormous sense of pride and pleasure at becoming a non-smoker and you'll want to tell everyone you know how easy is was for you to quit the fags for good!

Be happy in the knowlegde that you've ditched the fags once and for all!

You see, when you're hypnotised you change one habit (smoking) that gave you pleasure and benefits, into another habit (becoming a non-smoker) ... you'll keep all of the pleasure and benefits you used to have as a smoker without the cravings and mood swings associated with stopping smoking tobacco or cigarettes

Hypnosis is as natural as breathing and drinking cool fresh water ... in fact let me explain the 5 rules of hypnosis and why you'll know you've become a non-smoker after just one hour with me.

The 5 Rules of Hypnosis

1. You don't go under ... there's nowhere for you to go! You'll just remain in a calm, relaxed state whilst I talk to you.

2. You don't go to sleep! Well, the only time it's happened is when I worked with a group of people and two men joined us half way through the session ... they were on the night shift and were looking for a place to have a quick snooze ... by the way, one of them became a non-smoker!

3. Your mind wanders and wonders. During your hypnosis session you'll find your mind wandering and wondering ... for example, "I wonder if this is working for me, I can hear every word Gary is saying?" ... Well I hope you'll be listening to me! It's normal by the way for your mind to wander ... just think about the times when you've been day-dreaming when reading this letter!

4. You may be relaxed! It's true, however, you're not always relaxed when you're hypnotised. Most people do tell me how much more relaxed they've felt after their session ... some of them tell me they've never felt so good! And,

5. You're in total control! This is absolutely vital for your success. My role is to guide you into hypnosis with your permission ... when you give it, your mind will know it's in total control and you will become a non smoker in just one hour!

Now's the time for you to stop!

If you've read so far then you must be interested in becoming a non-smoker now? And if that's the case then you're at the best stage of your life to change your smoking habit for good and quit using the power of hypnosis.

By now you might be thinking "How much is this going to cost me Michael?"

A good question ... let's have a look at the costs to you ...
• If you're an average 20 a day smoker then the cost to you, per year is approximately £2,000.00 ... that's two thousand pounds!
• It's been said that each cigarette smoked reduces your life expectancy by 5 minutes. If that's the case, then 20 a day equates to 7,280 cigarettes a year! Multiply that by 5 minutes and that = 36,400 minutes! Which converts to approx 25 days!
That means you will lose 25 days a year from your life if you carry on smoking ... now that's a very high cost, I'm sure you'll agree?

However, the good news is this ...
For an investment of only £195 you get a two hour 'Quit' session AND up to a 1 hr follow up session, either face to face or via Skype. This way we know you will become a non-smoker and ...
• Get an extra 25 days of life per year!
• Save at least £1,820.00 per year
• You'll breathe more easily, feel less tired and more refreshed
• You'll enjoy tasting food again and becoming aware of the fragrances that stimulate you ...
• You'll gain amazing feelings of pride and pleasure at becoming a non-smoker!
All for an investment of only ... £195! that comprises of a double session and follow up one week later ...

BUT WAIT ... If you cant make it over to my Practice for the session ... I have recorded the session on CD ... A 30 minute chat from me followed by a Quit smoking Hypnosis session. The investment for this CD is ONLY £67, and you can review it whenever you want ... so either call me on ther number below, text me on 07974 923 004 or email me on and tell me where you wnat the CD to be sent ... I will do the rest.

Why is it called and investment not a cost?

I believe the best 'investment' you and I can make is in our health and longevity, so we can enjoy the things in life that give us the most pleasure ... and for me and many of my clients it's been the pleasure of looking forward to enjoying a long, fulfilling life with those who mean the most to us ... and that's what I'd like for you.

So, are you ready to 'become a non-smoker now?' ... If you are, book your session today by telephoning 01384 468 004 or by sending an email, with your contact details to

I look forward to helping you quit your habit, bin the fags, lose the tar ... butt out of smoking forever!

So, until I see you ...

Warmest regards,

Michael Skirving DHyp
Professional Changework
Consulting Hypnotherapist

Remember, the best time to to stop smoking is now! Think of all the benefits you'll have as a non-smoker and the costs you can finally let go of. To book your session, for an investment of only £195, telephone me now on 01384 468 004 or send an email, with your contact details to

Call me now on 01384 468 004 for a brochure and more info, or email me to discuss your problem.

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