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Typical Issues We Deal With

We bring about change to many types of issues, which all have grand and technical sounding names. To keep it simple here, we have described the symptom rather than its technical name (... which I will be happy to give you if you wish ... but it still leaves you with the symptom!)

Over time we have learned that some issues don’t always fit into a neat technical description and can also be stacked ... one on top of each other. There tends to be two ‘rough’ categories, but be aware these do ‘cross over’ in so much as the one can drive the other. So here are issues we have successfully worked with:

• I want to stop smoking
• My eating is out of control
• I need to lose weight and maintain it
• My drinking is getting out of hand
• I have problems when it comes to ‘Intimacy’ with my partner
• My temper seems to be out of control and it scares me
• I want to improve my sporting performance
• I avoid any social situations or interactions
• Food makes me gag, even thinking about it
• I am a drug user and I want to stop

• I have had an affair and can’t stop thinking about him/her
• I seem to go into a panic at the slightest thing
• I have exams looming and I fear I will panic
• I hate flying and its starting to effect my job or family
• I just can’t seem to get motivated
• I hate the thought of being sick or sickness
• I am consumed with anger towards my ex.
• I really don’t like myself anymore
• I feel trapped in my job/relationship/situation and see no way out

If there is a problem NOT listed here you would like to address, then talk to me on 07974-923-004 and explain what the issue is for you, and I will let you know if and how I can help you.

I have also been increasingly been asked for a general ‘Personal Development’ work by clients and so have developed a special ‘Breakthrough Session’ in which we have special focussed time together to develop direction, a plan and way forward from almost ANY situation.

To supplement the Breakthrough Sessions or as a ‘stand alone’ we offer our 40 min ‘Secrets to Success’ on line coaching sessions scheduled monthly or bi-monthly to ensure your success.

Once again, please be aware that I am selective about who I work with and will only work with you if you are genuine in wishing to make a change and are prepared to engage fully in my change work process.

Call 01384 468 004 to arrange a brief ‘No Obligation’ ‘No Fee’ telephone consultation and to find out about booking a session.

Call me now on 01384 468 004 for a brochure and more info, or email me to discuss your problem.

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