I'm here to help, and I really do care, I care about your treatment, and I care about you.

Someone that truly cares

I offer a free and friendly  consultation service, there is absolutely no obligation to book an appointment and it might just make all the difference to the rest of your life.

If you decide to book session with me then you can be assured that it will be completely confidential, I pride myself on helping all of my clients in a professional caring manner.

I am a kind and understanding person who is down to earth, I will listen to you without judging you and help you to become more positive and happy in your life allowing you to overcome the obstacles you may have.
Sometimes it is hard to admit we need a little help in life and I know this from personal experience but I want to really think how you will feel when the problem is under control or gone, would it be worth it then?
No therapist can guarantee 100% success rate including me.

I would consider anyone claiming this as extremely unrealistic however it has been shown time and time again Hypnotherapy can have great long lasting results.
I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and General Hypnotherapy Register, which mean all of my training has been accredited to ensure I have a high standard of training and competence. I also have to adhere to a set of terms and conditions set by the governing body The GHS.

All records are kept within accordance to the "Data Protection Act".
I recognise that you are bound to have questions so just give me a call and I will do my very best to help.