Sweetie treats have created a brilliant franchise opportunity in a rapidly expanding sweets and chocolate market. To help us grow we are looking for hard-working and enthusiastic people to join our rapidly growing team of independent franchisees.
This is a great opportunity for people looking for a good earning potential working from home.

So, you're creative, a energized and passionate person, we think we've got the perfect business for you. Sweetie Treats is a fantastic home-based business opportunity that will make both you and your client smile. Certainly a talking point, a Sweetie Treat, is beautiful, tasty and delightful.  When we started this business two years ago, we had no idea how fast or how successful sweetie treats was likely to be. However, after retailing through several partners, we simply cannot make them fast enough. If you're looking for a profitable, fast-moving business then Sweetie Treats might just be for you.

Most home businesses require an enormous amount of research and funding.  Sweetie Treats is a different kind of business, you have the ability to work from your dining room table, it's all about confectionary and chocolate, and turning these wonderful treats into something stunning.