At SecurePro, we pride our selves on the ability and focus we put on staff development. Recent years have seen our staff doing a variety of specialist tasks within the private security industry, these specific tasks require specific development which we are ideally placed to deliver. Both directors are currently completing a brand new Level 5 Diploma delivered via The Square Meter which incorporates a variety of specialist crowd management modules, the information of which the directors have been feeding back to the staff. This means that SecurePro staff are some of the most informed and trained front line staff in the industry.

SecurePro ensure that all staff complete regular training on the industry basics for the roles which they are licensed to conduct. It is these basic principles that create the foundation for additional specific knowledge to be added to.

A brief selection of our previous learners. What a handsome bunch.


SecurePro have been delivering SIA licence linked training in various guises since the start of 2012. We have been at the forefront of qualification development as things have changed within the private security industry.

As time has gone on, more and more sectors have realised that there are a number of cross transferable skills which are delivered as part of the security industry which can be utilised else where. SecurePro have been fortunate that their reputation within the training sector is exemplary which has afforded us the chance to deliver seminars, information talks and training across many different sectors all over the UK.

Below are some of the more popular courses, both accredited and in-house, that we run on a regular basis. Please click on the course title and it will open a qualification specification sheet that you are welcome to print off.  If you have any questions regarding additional requirements you may have, please contact us.

  1. -Door Supervisor and Up-Skilling

  2. -Security Guarding

  3. -CCTV

  4. -Spectator Safety

  5. -Physical Intervention and Handcuffing

  6. -Level 3 Teaching Qualifications

  7. -Terrorism Awareness

  8. -Fire Safety Awareness

  9. -Conflict Management

  10. -Personal Safety Awareness

  11. -First Aid



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SecurePro are pleased to announce the delivery, in partnership with McCormack Training Ltd, of Conflict Resolution Training which we now deliver within Mid Cheshire NHS Trust to in-house security teams and to nurses operating within high-risk wards.

SecurePro enjoy a longstanding working relationship with Telford based awarding body Industry Qualifications. As a company we use IQ to provide formal QCF qualifications for the majority of the courses we offer. SecurePro


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SecurePro are pleased to announce the continued funding provided by the Black Country Impact project for the delivery of SIA license linked qualifications. Since developing the pilot for the delivery in January 2017, SecurePro have delivered funded training to 137 local, unemployed learners. Of the 137, 135 successfully obtained a formal qualification.