We at ReFit Kitchens are a lovely bunch, who are out to save you some of your hard earned pennies in these tough times. We started life over twenty years ago (we were known as Domino Doors back then), and are still going strong today.

We've always been proud of our comitment to amazing quality at crazy affordable prices. This year, we chose to break out of the mold, and not to be a clone of all the other Kitchen door replacement companies. So, with that idea firmly in our heads, we launched ReFit. Hello!


We still believe that most folk don't actually need a brand new shiny Kitchen. Sure, we can do new ones if you like, but what really excits us is seeing a tired old Kitchen, and showing you just what we can do for you to bring it up to date.

I guess you could say that we're a little geeky when it comes to Kitchen doors and worktops... But come on! Who would you rather have reskining the heart of your home? Joe Bloggs builder? Nah, we didn't think so :)

What folk say

When we weave our magic, we like to know that it's appriciated by all you lovely folks - so, we'd love to take the time just to ask a little favour...

If you choose to let us do lovely things to your Kitchen, we'd love it if you could toss us a little email at: feedback@refitkitchens.co.uk and just let us know what you thought about the service, the design work, even whether you took to our lovely polite fitters. Also, if you'd like to talk to some of our previous customers, or take a look at some before and afters, let us know!