derrick's supporters

"Wyre Forest needs a fresh candidate with new ideas and Derrick is a committed campaigner who knows what it will take to win this seat back for Labour. Derrick won a seat in a Tory stronghold which we had not won for over 9 years following a dynamic community based campaign. This victory contributed in Labour gaining control over Dudley MBC with one of the biggest victories in the UK. I fully support Derrick in becoming your Parliamentary Candidate for the Wyre Forest.”

Cllr DAVID SPARKS OBE Leader of Dudley Metropolitan Council. Labour Leader of the Local Government Association. Member of Labours National Executive Committee.


The process to choose Labour’s candidate for Wyre Forest has now begun, therefore I am writing to ask for your support.

You need a candidate who shows not only commitment, but has a passion for the fight. I have successfully campaigned to win a seat for Labour in a Tory stronghold, that they held for over 9 years.To this end, I effectively used modern methods and innovative ideas to win back this seat for Labour.

I fully understand your frustration at the last General Election, when Labour had only 14% of the vote and finished 3rd in the Wyre Forest. I believe through my community campaigning l have the qualities, not only to take on the Tories, but to win back our voters who left us for the I.C.H.C Party.

I know people are passionate about their local NHS services. My campaign would reconnect Labour in the Wyre Forest as the only true NHS party. I am currently Councillor for Dudley MBC for Wordsley, Chairman of the Kingswinford Labour Party, Governor of a Primary School, Founder of ‘Friends Group’ for Wordsley Park and Trustee to the board of Dudley Zoological Gardens.

This is your opportunity to make sure you have a say in who your candidate is for the next General Election. I am earnestly seeking your ward nomination, so your vote is very important to me and the future of the Wyre Forest.

I will be contacting you in the next few weeks to discuss how we can work together, and win back Wyre Forest for Labour.

If you would like to speak to me or join my campaign team, l can be contacted on: 0777 1977 746 anytime.